About our familia


José is a Guadalajaran inspired restaurant in the family-friendly Lovers/Inwood neighborhood, serving contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine, with a focus on Jalisco style dishes. José is founded by local entertainment and development firm WoodHouse, which has enlisted famed art collector and Cerámica Suro founder, José Noé Suro, to collaborate on the unique design elements guests will experience. A concept of more than a decade in the making, José is born from frequent trips to Mexico, a love for tequila and a desire to have an inspired place for friends, neighbors and family to gather and feel at home. 

A horseshoe bar is the focal point of the space, with an extensive inventory of fine tequila, mescal, whiskeys and rum, displayed on backlit shelves. The bar program boasts an adventurous tequila-centric cocktail offering, along with Dallas’ first freshly-squeezed lime juice frozen margarita with super-premium tequila called The Squozen.

José’s adventurous menu features authentic dishes celebrating true Mexican flavors and traditions, using fresh local and seasonal ingredients. The menu allows guests to walk in José Noé’s shoes, exploring dishes from the neighborhoods he loves in Guadalajara, from food stalls to his mother’s kitchen, handmade tortillas and seasonal ceviches.


José Noé Suro, the namesake behind the project and donned the “Ceramics King” of Mexico, has manufactured many of the design elements for the restaurant, including the hand-painted tiles, plates, light fixtures and furniture. Guests will notice an intricate 85 foot long kiln-fired mural composed of 210 scenes from the owners trips to Guadalajara and Tequila with friends and family.  Restrooms feature an installation of representative archival tiles from Cerámica Suro’s 50 years of ceramic making. These artifacts from his factory show guests a window into José Noé’s projects and art installations throughout his life.

José Noé Suro adds, “To me, this place is about friendship and the love of life that brings people together. It’s a place to share food and culture around tables and plates. It’s never been more important for us to tell stories and understand each other.”

For Dallasites starved for great outdoor dining spots, José has not one but two expansive patios to relax, eat, drink and visit with friends: a large interior courtyard that features a colorfully tiled fountain with a golden glazed agave piña and a separate garden patio perfect for hosting events.  Lining the perimeter of José is a 16 foot tall, 150 foot long brise-soleil, inlaid with over 200 handcrafted Corten steel crosses embedded in custom bricks.


WoodHouse CEO, Brady Wood says, “José represents a lifelong story of good friends, adventurous travel, inventive eating and joyful cocktailing.  We hope to bring the Jalisco experience as it is: laid back, unpretentious and delicious.  Working with José Noé Suro has been one of the great collaborations of my life. His inspired artistic vision, world renowned factory and tireless desire to create beautiful things has been a true pleasure.”